Jotal company was founded in 1997 in the industrial zone of Al Obour city .

It is an Egyptian shareholding to the articles of the Investment Law No.8. Jotal is one of the leading companies in manufacturing aluminum-made prodicts,such as shutters,doors and structure glassing.
In the Arab Rrpublic of Egypt , Jotal is a leader and sole producer of a special type of aluminum profiles coupled with natural wood,which provides both architectural splendor and resistance to atmospheric elements.
For the first time in the Egypian market Jotal is presenting a new product that competes with formed iron (ferforgee) : the curled / twisted aluminum for handrails,This type has advantages over iron as to its lightweight , its magnificent shapes and formations , various colors as well as its ability to endure difficult coastal atmospheric conditions.
Of the unique products of Jotal there are : the sliding,circular shutters and doors,vertical and horizontal curtain wall and , circular and spiral handrails. Jotal depends on applying the latest trends of electrostatic painting , which are conducted with the highest efficiency and productivity for all shapes and lengths of sectors.
Also we offers unconventionality business which we are unique in it :
- Circulation works.
- Sliding windows & circular doors (curved).
- All different kinds of cobesta whether the circular or helix.
We are depends on that we have the newest lines of electrostatic with the latest processing system, for surface before paint with efficient & high productivity for all kinds of parts.